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Mar 232012

The Naked Brand Trailer from Questus on Vimeo.

Can Advertising Survive Digital? Yes—By Leaving ‘Mad Men’ Behind – The Daily Beast.

Remember how they said Internet Changes Everything? Well, social really does change everything.  In the past few months, we have seen example after example of  the power of social media.  For marketers, this means that we no longer have the control over our brand that we used to.

In his film, he argues that companies for decades have behaved abominably and then used advertising to cover up their behavior. The Internet, by giving consumers a voice, has rendered that strategy useless because consumers can now sink a brand with a blitz of online complaints. His advice to big brands: instead of pumping millions of dollars into advertising, why not invest that money into actually fixing your company? Don’t just say you’re great—actually try to be great. Once you’ve done that, you can use social media to spread the word.


And that, Rosenblum says, is what the new age of advertising should be: not putting pointless ads on websites or blasting stuff at people on TV, but finding ways to accelerate the word-of-mouth advertising that people already are doing. On behalf of everyone who hates being bombarded with these crappy ads that clutter up the Web (which I think is pretty much everyone), I say: bring it on.


Mar 192012

Axe Goes Soft: New Campaign Recognizes The Girlfriends | Co.Create: Creativity Culture Commerce.

Courtesy of Fast Company

While the ads still have the classic Axe hallmarks (there’s still plenty of fawning, female stereotyping and even the overt hinting of a threesome) there’s some relative progress here in that Axe’s once one-dimensional T&A interpretation of “fantasy woman” is now an actual person, and the Axe-man is looking to please her (well, please her so that she will in turn please him). Small steps


Mar 182012

Google: 130 Million ‘Bad Ads’ Were Killed in 2011 – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

in 2011, we shut down approximately 150,000 accounts for attempting to advertise counterfeit goods, and more than 95% of these accounts were discovered through our own detection efforts and risk models”


That’s great – As an advertiser however, I do wish they spent a little more time knocking out fraudulent clickers