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Oct 052012

I am working on a piece about software partnerships and ecosystems, but I just saw this from Ben Kepes at the Diveristy Blog, and I thought it worth sharing.


I’ve been attending Salesforce’s user conference now for a few years and one thing that’s always been a little awkward is the fact that Salesforce has always tried to make the event meaningful for developers but has generally created a kind of Frankenstein beast where suited business types get highbrow in the main conference whilst a few token developer types are left hanging in the developer zones….

…This year however I stood amazed during the developer keynote as Salesforce’s new developer evangelist, Adam Seligman, spoke to a room that was more packed than almost all the other keynotes I attended – it got to the point where ushers sealed the doors because there were so many people standing in the aisles it was becoming a fire-hazard. As Seligman and his colleagues showed some live demos of coding using the new functions contained in the Salesforce Platform such as Touch, Canvas and AppExchange Checkout the woops and cheers from the audience were something akin to an Open Source event, not an enclave of the usually staid enterprise IT folks.

via If Developers are the new Kingmakers–Salesforce is Starting to Own the Castle | The Diversity Blog – SaaS, Cloud & Business Strategy.

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