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About MQA


MarketQwest Principals Lee Amon and Christine Owens bring extensive marketing experience and vision to every project.  We are aided by a network of designers, writers, and researchers to bring the best talent to your project.

lee_close-up_small Lee Amon has helped a wide variety of companies to successfully launch new products ranging from consumer packaged goods to software for pharmaceutical research.  Lee was director of marketing for companies such as Silicon Valley Accountants,  MDL Information Systems,  and Clear Soap.

Lee’s specialties include new product launches, eCommerce, and social media. Lee holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, and has taught marketing at both a graduate and undergraduate level with University of Phoenix Online and Upper Iowa University Online.

What People Have to Say About Lee
“Lee is a pragmatic, clear thinker. I trust his advice and place a high value on his recommendations and suggestions.”
David Lister, President, Digital Daemons, Inc.
His professionalism, good humor and focus really helped us successfully navigate through a variety of complex start-up issues. Lee is a real asset to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board - Thanks again Lee! Kevin Shives, President, The Resultants, Inc.
“Lee Amon was the best professional I know....I recommend Lee Amon both personally and professionally and it was always a pleasure working with him. Jeong-Hee Lee, Chmical Software Engineer (Manager), BITEK Systems Inc
“I would like to recommend Lee. ... beyond capable professional skills, I have experienced that Lee is a person who conducts himself with integrity in business relationships Steve Naegele, Principal, Steve Naegele Design
I was impressed by Lee's work ethic and his marketing presentations. He was very articulate in describing this complex scientific software, and his slides always contained detailed graphics that elegantly illustrated his ideas. Lee's creativity and clarity of thought as a marketing strategist was evident.” Ryan E. Yip, Course Developer, MDL Information Systems
Lee and I developed a collaborative relationship, in which we traded marketing strategies, retail implementations, and website building techniques. Athens Kolias, MPM, PMP, Designer and Style Consultant, AthensKDesigns